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Tai Chi/Qigong(Chi Kung) and Yoga

A Combined Form of Tai Chi/Yoga Improves Math Computations
Oct 28, 2010 - Touch Research Institutes and University of Miami School of Medicine jointly performed a research to determine the immediate effects of a combined form of Tai chi/Yoga.

In this study, 38 adults participated in a 20-min Tai chi/yoga class. The session was comprised of standing Tai chi movements, balancing poses and a short Tai chi form and 10 min of standing, sitting and lying down yoga poses.

The pre- and post- Tai chi/yoga effects were assessed using the State Anxiety Inventory (STAI), EEG (a test to detect problems in the electrical activity of the brain) and math computations.

The results show that heart-rate increased during the session, as would be expected for this moderate-intensity exercise. Changes from pre to post-session assessments suggested increased relaxation including decreased anxiety and a trend for increased EEG theta activity.

The researchers concluded that the increased relaxation may have contributed to the increased speed and accuracy noted on math computations following the Tai chi/yoga class.

This new study will be published in the upcoming November 2010 issue of the journal Complementary therapies in clinical practice.




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