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Tai Chi for Therapy "Teacher in Training" course - an ATCQA Approved Continuing Education Course
by Laddie Sacharko, ATCQA Certified Tai Chi Instructor (Level III)  
Falls prevention is a topic looming large in the health care industry because of its tremendous cost in dollars, and in largely preventable human suffering and death, and "look-back liability (institutions that release patients as "well and fit", will be responsible for the cost incurred by a patient fall in a (6 month) look-back period)". In 2000, the total direct medical costs of all fall injuries for people 65 and older exceeded $19 billion: $0.2 billion for fatal falls, and $19 billion for nonfatal falls. By 2020, the annual direct and indirect cost of fall injuries is expected to reach $54.9 billion (in 2007 dollars). (Source:

 "Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance" is an evidence based fall prevention activity that has been shown to reduce the rate of falls by as much as 55%, with a persistency in the benefits of practice lasting at least 6 months after stopping. Consider: reducing the projected $54.9B cost by 55%, or reducing the odds of falling from 1 in 3 to 1 in 6, with your community based practice of Tai Chi.

Based on more than 24 years of personal experience and research, combined with materials and information in the public domain, I have developed a continuing education course for credit (as incentive) for learning about Tai Chi for physical and other therapists, and now Tai Chi teachers. In the The Tai Chi for Therapy - "Teacher in Training" course, learn what defines an evidence-based Tai Chi program in the eyes and minds of health care bill payers, professionals, and researchers, and learn how to measure your own Tai Chi practice to develop an evidence base. Learn what are the problems with gait, balance and posture that can be remediated with Tai Chi. Learn the 8 simple movements of the CDC recommended "Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance" program. The course details requirements for establishing and monitoring individual and program progress, and how a program can be modified for participant mobility limitations, and specific chronic-condition approaches. The core of the teaching is the Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance program.

You will be provided with a road map and method for developing and documenting increasing levels of skill, beginning with the "Tai Chi for Therapy-Teacher in Training"certification. ATCQA has approved the program as a Continuing Education Course. Currently the program is offered "off site" (my location), and can be scheduled "in house" (your location).

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