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Tai Chi and Some Other CAM Found Effective for Reducing Headache Symptoms
November 28, 2011 -
NCCAM, a subsidiary of NIH, talks about what science says about headaches and CAM in its November issue of monthly e-newsletter, NCCAM Clinical Digest.

Here is what it says about Tai Chi

Scientific Evidence

  • Results from a small clinical trial suggested that a 15-week program of tai chi was effective in reducing the impact of tension-type headaches when compared to a wait-list control group.

Side Effects and Cautions

  • TTai chi is a relatively safe practice; however, some health care providers may advise their patients to modify or avoid certain tai chi postures due to acute back pain, knee problems, bone fractures, sprains, and osteoporosis.
To read what the article says about some other CAM practices, please go to the NCCAM newsletter.




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