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A Stress Management Program with Qigong Element for Elementary School Teachers
September 26, 2013 -
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University conducted a study to explore the efficacy of implementing a stress management program based on a combined approach using cognitive behavioral therapy and complementary and alternative medicine for elementary school teachers who experienced mild level of stress, anxiety and/or depressive symptoms in Hong Kong.

A quasi-experimental design was used to compare the intervention groups (n=47) with the wait-list control groups (n=46).The primary outcome measures were depression, anxiety and stress.

Results indicated that the intervention group had significant reduction in depression, anxiety and stress when compared with the control group. Participants in both groups demonstrated lowered level of salivary cortisol at the post-assessment.

The pilot results provided preliminary support to the multi-component stress management program in relieving affective symptoms of teachers. The program may be considered as an initial strategy to empower teachers with the abilities to cope with their affective symptoms. Further evaluation using a better designed randomized study with a larger sample size is warranted.

This study is published by the Journal of the International Society for the Investigation of Stress






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