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With Its Discipline and Rigor, Tai Chi Helped Former AOL CEO Handle Business Challenges


August 2008 - For 18 hours each week, Internet investor Jonathan Miller studies Tai Chi in New York with legendary master Ren Guang-Yi, whose devotees include Lou Reed, Bette Midler, Hugh Jackman and other celebrities.


Jon Miller has established himself as a hot hand on the Internet. He is a prolific venture capitalist with Velocity Interactive Group, a digital media firm. He made his mark in e-commerce at Barry Diller's media conglomerate, then as chairman and chief executive of AOL. Herb Scannell, former vice-chairman of MTV Networks, calls Miller "one of the smartest guys I have come across in the media world."


Jon Miller is known for his shrewd judgment and deft handling of complex challenges, which can be attributed partially to his decades of practice of Chinese martial arts. "The physical and mental discipline has sharpened his ability to quickly size up and react to situations while remaining calm even in the adrenaline-spiking pitch of combat", and "those skills also come in handy in the corporate setting."


You can read more about Jon Miller and his Tai Chi practice on the website of L.A. Times:,0,5500310.story?track=rss


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