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Qigong Improving Physical Status in Middle-Aged Women


Regular exercise has been shown to benefit its practitioners and prevent and control diseases. Muscle/Tendon Change Classic (MTCC) qigong, characterized by simple, slow, and full-body exercise, is appropriate for the middle-age population.


Several researchers from Far East College conducted a study to evaluate the effect of the MTCC qigong program in improving physical status for middle-aged women. There were 71 women, with age between 45 and 55, recruited to participate in this study: 37 of them were assigned to the experimental group and received an 8-week MTCC qigong program, whereas the other 34 were assigned to the control group and received no qigong training. Physiological parameters of muscular performance, body composition, and bone strength were measured before and after the program for comparison.


At the completion of 8-week MTCC qigong program, there were statistically significant differences between the two groups in muscular endurance, body fat, waist-to-hip ratio, and body mass index. The MTCC qigong could improve muscle endurance and body composition but not bone strength for middle-aged women, thereby demonstrating the qigong practice has certain health-preserving effects on women in this stage of life.


This study is published by Western Journal of Nursing Research in July, 2008.


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