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The Lineage

by Steve Bodnar , ATCQA Certified Tai Chi Instructor (Level II)

I met a few practitioners at a seminar and we started a conversation about "lineage".

I was awed at first to hear about this one's and that one's teachers. Each had a story back to 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation masters. Then it started, "whose master was better?"

In the landscape of spring there is neither better nor worse; the flowering branches grow, some short, some long. - Zen saying

I never compare my teachers to determine who was better, smarter, faster, or who had the most knowledge.

How do you compare the beauty of an ocean to the majesty of a forest; how do you compare a desert to the mountains.  - Zen saying

A teacher gives mostly his love and his experience. He can teach technique, concepts and philosophy.  The ability to use these things comes from within one's self.

We all are aware the form and the application of the form are different. As the styles were passed on, was there no room for improvement/ was there no insight, room to improve? How far do you have to reach back to determine you have the truth?

The 4 truths (philosophically, Truth has many meanings)

1.     - You must be aware of the truth

2.     - You must understand the truth

3.     - You must function within the truth

4.     - You must maintain the truth


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