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Effectiveness of Tai Chi on Physical and Psychological Health of College Students

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July 20, 2015 -
The Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China finished a study to investigate the effectiveness and safety of Tai Chi on physical and psychological health of college students.

Two hundred and six college students were recruited and randomly allocated to a control group or a Tai Chi exercise group in an equal ratio. Participants in the control group were instructed to maintain their original activity level and those in the Tai Chi exercise group received 12 weeks of Tai Chi exercise training based on their original activity level. Physical and psychological outcomes were evaluated at baseline, 13 weeks and 25 weeks. Intention-to-treat analysis was performed for the above outcomes.

Compared with the control group, the Tai Chi exercise group showed significant improvements at the end of the 12-week intervention period for flexibility (length of Sit and Reach), balance ability (open eyes perimeter) and closed eyes perimeter). No significant changes in other physical and mental outcomes were found between the two groups. No adverse events were reported during the study period.

The researchers came to conclusion that Tai Chi exercise was beneficial in college students for improving flexibility and balance capability to some extent, compared with usual exercise.

Their research is reported by an American journal, Public Library of Science one.


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