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Wall Street Journal and Fox News Run Reports about Qigong
November 15, 2013 -
On November 10, 2013, published an article "Medical Qigong: An alternative therapy for pain". Authored by an Acupuncture Physician, board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, the article says -

"Medical Qigong goes beyond self-cultivation, enlisting the assistance of a highly-trained and disciplined practitioner. Medical Qigong practitioners study and train for years, not only learning about the human anatomy and physiology, but cultivating their own energy through Qigong practice. "

The article goes on to state -

"For patients, Medical Qigong can be used to address many common ailments or health concerns, including mental, physical or emotional stressors, physical pain, high blood pressure, headaches, anxiety or depression. Relief may happen quickly for some or can occur slowly over time - every patient's experience is unique."

You can read the full content of the article and watch an accompanied video at:

Fox News is just one of the major media that turned its attention to Qigong recently. Back in September, Wall Street Journal ran an article with the title "The Intriguing Health Benefits of Qigong". It says -

"Increasingly popular in the U.S., qigong (pronounced chee-gong) has been found in recent studies to improve quality of life in cancer patients and fight depression. Other studies have found improvements in balance and blood pressure. But so far, there aren't enough large, well-designed studies to constitute solid proof of any benefits, scientists say."

This WSJ article is available at:




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