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When I Contract with Community Centers and Nursing Homes

  by Nan X. Wang, ATCQA Certified Tai Chi Instructor - Level II and ATCQA Professional Member

I have been teaching Tai Chi in public facilities since 1996. When I first started contacting a community center, I was asked two questions:

  • Are you a certified instructor?
  • Do you have Liability Insurance?

At that time, I did not have a clue about certification and liability issues teaching in bodywork field. I was lucky to be able to work around these issues temporarily by setting up a small Tai Chi class with no charge. The director of the center was helpful and supportive. She told me to put a disclaimer line in the flier that the participants should be responsible for any possible injuries if happened while taking the class. She also told me to proceed with my teaching certification and liability insurance with a professional trade group.

I searched online for Tai Chi related associations, and found American Tai Chi and Qigong Association is quite popular. The board members have solid Tai Chi and medical research background. I like it. It also offers the group liability insurance.

Immediately, I applied for a membership. In my fliers, I put a line as "Member of American Tai Chi and Qigong Association". As soon as I met the qualifications to be certified by ATCQA as Level I Instructor, I applied for the certification. Then I put a line as "Certified Tai Chi Instructor". It sounds better then the first one.

Over the years, the guidance from American Tai Chi and Qigong Association has been very helpful to me on my professional journey. Since I retired from my regular job several years ago, I started teaching Tai Chi classes in the senior centers and nursing homes. It is very important to be certified by ATCQA and have liability insurance when contracting with these facilities.

Now I am a certified Level-II Instructor. My next step is to be certified as Level III Instructor. I am working on it.




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