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The Fitness Trends in 2013
December 13, 2012 -
American Council on Exercise (ACE) today released its annual analysis of Fitness Trends to Watch as identified by more than 1,700 certified personal trainers, exercise scientists, group fitness experts and health coaches throughout the nation.

The following is an overview of ACE's 2013 Fitness Trends to Watch:

  • Steady Career Growth for Fitness Professionals: Nearly 87 percent of professionals surveyed said their fitness business grew or maintained in 2012, despite the national unemployment rate hovering around 8 percent.
  • Collaboration with Allied Health Professionals: As understanding grows of the necessity for alignment between fitness, nutrition, stress management and behavioral modification—components required for overall wellness—fitness professionals will seek collaboration with peers in the medical field to develop a 360-degree approach. More than half of those surveyed said they are now working collaboratively with allied health professionals to assist clients, with the majority partnering with medical doctors and physical therapists.
  • Employer Advocacy: With the Affordable Care Act moving forward, many employers are fast-tracking workplace wellness programs in an attempt to create a healthier workforce for cost savings in 2014. Fitness professionals are reporting an uptick in the number of companies approaching them to provide fitness or wellness services to employees.
  • No-Frills Fitness Activities: Looking ahead, fitness activities will veer toward a no-frills approach such as body-weight training and boot camp–style workouts.
  • HIIT Workouts: High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts that alternate between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity will continue to remain popular. This type of training has been used by athletes for decades to improve their performance capabilities and has now made its way to the fitness mainstream.
  • Small-group Training: Small-group training programs offer participants a fun and more affordable way to obtain the benefits of working with a well-trained, certified fitness professional.
  • Functional and Core Training: Functional and core training remain on the list of hot trends and have become integral components of well-designed fitness programs. Trainers will continue to take a more systematic approach by performing basic movement screens to ensure that their clients have appropriate levels of stability and mobility before introducing them to more challenging exercise movements and loads.
  • Active Boomer/Senior Population: As America ages and the lifespan extends, the senior population increasingly continues to engage in wellness in an effort to live healthier, more active lives in retirement. An overwhelming majority of professionals said they were serving older adults, as well as other specialty populations such as those with musculoskeletal disorders like arthritis and back pain or metabolic diseases like diabetes and obesity.
  • Good Eating Habits Remain Elusive: Despite national efforts to enhance understanding of nutrition and provide access to healthier options, many still struggle to eat a balanced diet, according to survey results. More than 75 percent of those surveyed said the majority of their clients feel it’s easier to exercise than eat a balanced, healthy diet.
  • Broader Approach to Fighting Obesity: With more than 35 percent of the adult population and nearly 17 percent of children classified as obese, obesity remains a leading health issue. The most effective weight-loss programs focus not only on proper nutrition and regular physical activity, but also behavioral change and motivation. .




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