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Tai Chi and Qigong - Part of the Global Awakening?
by Bill Douglas, founder of World Tai Chi and Qigong Day
Eckart Tolle, author of Oprah's Bookclub pick, The New Earth, wrote that "T'ai Chi and Qigong will be a major part of the global awakening."

What global awakening? Awakening is becoming disillusioned - losing one's illusions. The illusion of humanity is that we are all separate beings competing for survival. The awakening is realizing that we are all connected. Chinese masters understood this many many centuries ago.

Lao Tzu, the inspiration for T'ai Chi philosophy, wrote of our being a part of the great Tao (the universal force that all existence is woven from.)

When practicing T'ai Chi and Qigong we let go of our grip on the world, letting go of the illusions of our separateness. When we let go and immerse ourselves in Qi, or the life force, we move into the center of who we are-for we are the universal force, just as all life is. This is not philosophical yarn spinning, this is scientific fact.

Although the mechanical medical benefits are massive, they aren't T'ai Chi or Qigong's greatest aspect.

What is it, you may be asking? It is "love." I know a few may roll their eyes at this mamby-pamby over utilized word that is often used to mean little. But, I'm talking pure science here, just as measurable as the medical benefits are.

What cutting-edge science has proven over and over and over again in the last 15 years since we founded World Tai Chi Day, is that all of life is connected - not in some poetic nebulous way - but in a real undeniable physical way.

The DNA of humans is exactly the same DNA as much of life on the planet. Research shows that living entities such as plants can on some level feel and respond to our human emotions. We know that human emotions can affect the physical world.

When we come together across racial, ethnic, and geopolitical borders year after year after year, and the global media reports on what we do ... people see us celebrating life and healing together, and are affected by the visual images of T'ai Chi and Qigong, which science has proven has a centering and calming effect on even those just watching it being done. We thereby become a part of those people's awakening process.

Many changes are in our future, environmentally, economically, politically, and it will be stressful. However, the stress will be from our gripping onto old ways that no longer work. By letting go of our grip on what is, so that what will become has space to stretch its wings into our future, we can make these changes much more natural and much less stressful for ourselves and our planet.

Sound familiar? If you do T'ai Chi or Qigong, it should, because these arts are about "letting go," and opening to the rythms and flows of the life force. T'ai Chi and Qigong practice can help the planet usher in the changes with less gripping, and therefore less stress.




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