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A Tucson Tai Chi Teacherís Reflection on the Shooting Tragedy
Kelley Ireland (Member of ATCQA Professional Development Committee)

On the morning of the shootings, I was teaching a Tai Chi Easy class in Tucson.  I bill my classes as "moving meditation."  While we were engaged in this, shots rang out and a beautiful Sonoran Desert crisp winter morning was shattered along with too many lives.  It was Tucson's version of tragedies other citys have suffered with acts of terrorism.
A young mentally ill man sits in jail in silence.  FBI agents have turned up on many of our doorsteps looking for answers from anyone that has even had a passing relationship with the shooter.  Investigators from Secret Service, the Military, the FBI, and other federal agencies are piecing together the root causes and the events of the morning.  Funerals have been held, and the media is camped out at the site of the shooting.  Tucson has had its 15 minutes of fame, and not in a good way.  We have been depicted in the media as a "schizoid town" reminiscent of New York or LA in the '70's, and "The Berkley of AZ".  Interesting how those accounts from those who do not live here make it into writing, when they do not know.  Finally, in an act that touched our lives, President Obama came and spoke to us about the tragedy, which did produce a modicum of healing to the city.
Ms Giffords continues her uphill climb, by the grace of God.  One must consider she must have an abundance of Original Jing to accomplish such a feat.  On the other hand, the events that occurred just after the shooting, give testament to the goodness in all whose lives touched hers that morning.  Consider the staffer who had been on the job for 5 days...a CNA by training who was the one that kept her upright and stable until she could be transported.
The trauma team who performed miracles that day for many and lost many others.  There are just too many "good stories" that cannot be told in a short  writing. 
Businesses have suffered, because people are too traumatized to go out and purchase that which is not absolutely necessary.  The goodness of the people of Tucson is visible through vigils, the memorials at the shooting site, the hospital and her office, and with their presence on the morning Gabrielle was transported to Houston for rehab.
Now the healing must occur.  The family of the perpetrator deserves much sympathy, for it is not known how long they have suffered with their son's condition and mental health decline. 
Please send our city and its residents the thoughts of healing energy and Qi.




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