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This July 4th, an American Record for Tai Chi May Be Set
June 28, 2010 - On the day of celebrating the birth of the United States this year, in Denver, a new American record may be set - for the number of people who practice Tai Chi at the same time in the same place. And you are invited to be part of it.
This historical endeavour will take place at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, a world-class and nationally top-ranked annual event of the visual, culinary and performing arts, and is a joint effort by the Festival and Colorado Governor's Council for Physical Fitness. The Tai Chi demonstration will be led by Tai Chi Masters Joe Brady and Jacqui Shumway.

The annual Cherry Creek Arts Festival enjoys an attendance of 350,000 visitors over the 3-day event.
Photo by: Frank Montanez
So where did this record-setting idea about Tai Chi come from and how did it land a place in a prestigious arts festival?
On its 20th anniversary this year, the Cherry Creek Arts Festival wants to incorporate a different and possibly interactive form of art into the festival. So by working with the Colorado Governor's Council for Physical Fitness, the Festival is adopting a new series called the Art of Fitness, which brings new meaning to the Festival's mission: "to provide a broad array of arts experiences to Coloradans". Over the 3 days of the Festival, July 3 to July 5, 2010, it will showcase a variety of activities that help people stay fit.
When some Council members, including Tai Chi Master Jacqui Shumway, and the Festival organizers who excel in creativity were working together, the synergy produced the innovative idea of setting an American record for Tai Chi demonstration.

Two Tai Chi Masters, Joe Brady and Jacqui Shumway, will be leading the record-setting Tai Chi demo.
Photo courtesy of Jacqui Shumway
In the morning of July 4th, 2010, the recording-setting attempt for Tai Chi will take stage. From 9 to 9:30am, Master Joe Brady, who is a licensed clinical acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and has over 40 years of experience in Tai Chi, and Master Jacqui Shumway, who holds a Master's degree in Physical Education and Kinesiology and has practiced Tai Chi for more than 25 years, will lead the participants to perform Yang Style "13 original postures", "Long River Boxing", "Short form of 108 Yang Style" and "Beijing 24".
Before the official demonstration starts, the group will do the warm-up between 8 and 9am. For someone new to Tai Chi, Joe and Jacqui will help them prepare for the demo during that hour. In the meantime, the event organizers will also collect signed waiver forms from all the participants and use them as the accurate count for the record.
The event organizers welcome everyone to be part of this history-making activity. If you are interested in participating in it, please contact Master Jacqui Shumway at, or stop by the Colorado Governor's Council for Physical Fitness booth at the Festival on the July 3rd or in early July 4th morning.


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