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Physical and Psychological Effects of Qigong in Community-dwelling Older Adults

August 25, 2017 -
Older adults need exercise programs that correspond to age-related changes. Researchers from Yale University and University of Sydney collaborated on a project to explore preliminary effects of an 8-week Qigong exercise intervention on the physical ability, functional and psychological health, and spiritual well-being of community-dwelling older adults.

Forty-five community-dwelling adults with the mean age of 74.8 years participated a 1-hour long Health Qigong exercise session twice weekly for 8 weeks. The majority of them were female (84%) and white (91%), and lived with their spouse (49%).

After the 8-week intervention, physical ability, functional health, balance, functional reach, depression, and spiritual well-being improved significantly. Most participants perceived physical ability, mental health, and spiritual well-being benefits. No adverse events were reported.

Conclusion: a twice weekly Qigong exercise program over 8 weeks is feasible and has potential to improve physical ability, functional health, balance, psychological health, and spiritual well-being in older adults. This study is published in the August, 2017 issue of the journal Geriatric nursing.




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