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The Effects of Tai Chi on Waist Circumference and Blood Pressure in the Elderly
March 27, 2017 -
A Korean study, recently published by Journal of physical therapy science, investigated the effects of Tai Chi on waist circumference and blood pressure in the elderly.

The present study used a nonequivalent control group pretest-posttest design. Sixty-eight elderly individuals were divided into 2 groups: 34 in the experimental group, who received Tai Chi training for 6 weeks, and 34 in the control group, who did not receive Tai Chi training. Simplified Yang style 24-form Tai Chi was used as the intervention, which was conducted for 60 minutes per session, 5 sessions per week, for a total of 6 weeks.

In each session, subjects in the experimental group conducted 10 minutes of warm-up exercises, 45 minutes of Tai Chi, and 5 minutes of cool-down exercises. Waist circumference and blood pressure were measured before and after the 6-week intervention.

Waist circumference and blood pressure decreased significantly after the 6-week intervention in the experimental group compared with the control group. They suggest that Tai Chi can be used as an effective intervention to improve waist circumference and blood pressure in the elderly.


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