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An ExerGame with Tai Chi for Older Adults With Functional Limitations
April 21, 2016 -
Falls at home are common and potentially fatal for disabled older adults. To address this problem, Johns Hopkins University led an academic-community partnership involving disabled, urban-dwelling older adults and their families, the housing authority and a Tai Chi master.

They conducted a pilot to assess safety, acceptability, and feasibility of a Wii-based exergame designed to increase disabled older adults' strength and balance.

A working prototype was developed and evaluated. Then, they piloted a refined version with 19 disabled urban-dwelling older adults.

The results from the pilot showed that the program was enjoyable, feasible, and acceptable. Participants described multiple functional improvements. Of the 16 who completed at least three gaming sessions, average balance score increased 25% and gait speed increased 19%.

This pilot showed promising results for improving strength and balance in the home setting, and yielded valuable lessons about health technology development with community partners.

The study was published in the latest issue of the journal Progressive Community Health Partnerships.


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