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Tai Chi Effective for Low-Income Older Adults in Ethnic Groups Not Culturally Related to Tai Chi
August 16, 2013 -
Tai Chi (TC) has been shown to positively influence health-related fitness (HRF) of elderly participants by affording them a means to increase musculoskeletal strength. York University of Canada conducted a study to examine TC intervention effects on HRF and whether ethnic groups not culturally related to TC experienced a barrier to participation in a community-based program for low-income older adults.

Seventy-eight older mixed-ethnicity adults (age 55 and older) who were not culturally affiliated with TC were recruited for this study. HRF measures were taken before and after a 16-week TC program that offered seven sessions per week. Significant improvements were found in upper and lower musculoskeletal fitness and partial curl-ups, with TC being embraced by the participants. These results suggest that TC can be effective for improving HRF and that non-TC culturally related ethnic groups did not experience a barrier to participation in an older low-socioeconomic population sample.

This study is published by Canadian Journal on Aging in August. .




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